Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

Today, while Sue was at school, my Mom (Nanny Sue) and I took Izabella to the Santa Ana Zoo. If you aren't familiar with this zoo, it's a little one that houses mainly monkeys and birds. The elephant was available to ride but Izabella didn't want to, "Him too big Auntie". Here's a racap of our fun.

This bird was so bright, and so orange. His wings were beautiful when he spread them.

The Emu was sleeping. Who knew them slept with their legs stretched out behind them?

Izabella gave him "thumps up"

This guy was swinging ALL over the place. She thought he wasn't the funniest thing since Elmo.

Then, we were off to see the elephant. We waited...

And waited...

And waited...

FINALLY it was time to see the elephant!

Then we went to play on the slides. While we were playing Nanny Sue decided to put Izabella's sunglasses on...silly Nanny Sue!

While we were by a bird exhibit there was a really intricate sculpture carved out of wood.

Sometimes I like taking pictures of flowers more than anything else.

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