Monday, September 28, 2009

Team Tough Titties

This past weekend was the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure in Orange County. My friends over at put together a team called Team Tough Titties and threw a fundraising ball Friday night for it. While I wasn't able to attend the race, I did attend the ball and supplied one of my cherry purses for auction. If you aren't familiar with the Susan G. Koman Foundation I highly suggest you check them out. Last year they raised over $3million for breast cancer research and support. 75% of the money either went to research or people fighting the battling.

Here are some pictures of my friends and I getting ready for the First Annual Tough Titties Ball. Silly me forgot my camera at home so I don't have pictures from while we were at the ball.
We danced the night away and had a great time supporting such an amazing cause.

Bri and Jessica

Sue and myself

All of fancy!

One of the reasons this event was so important for the 4 of us to attend is because Jessica's Mom is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed in Oct. 2007 and has been done with treatment for a year and a half! While I have never met this women (she lives in Delaware), Jessica speaks very fondly of her and I can tell she is an amazing Mom, friend and an all around great human being. We truly are lucky that Susan Pelillo-Smith is still around to fill us all with laughter.

Jessica and her Mom (Susan)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ode To The Weird

There are some creative people on Etsy, there's no denying it. But what about the creative people with a sense of humor? These people are probably some of my favorites! I've been perusing Etsy for the past few days trying to find the Best of the Best and these are some of the items that make me laugh so hard I think my sides might split open.

Doody Pops believe it or not, these are actually TREATS for your dog!
They are made with fresh meat and other simple ingredients that dogs go nuts for.

A Breath Of French Air creates these mervelous soaps...that's right, these teeth are actually made of SOAP! Even though they are peppermint "flavored" don't eat try eating a delicious treat with them unless you want a mouth full of bubbles!

These parking notes from Wry and Ginger are absolutely hilarious and were a big hit with my friends when included with their gifts this year. They are PERFECT to leave on the widshield of the driver that decides they are important enough to take two parking spots.

There's a ton more great stuff on Etsy so head on over there and take a look...go on, what are you waiting for?!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Last Weekend of Summer

The last weekend of summer, AKA Labor Day, arrived just over a week ago. I celebrated it in a way that my family has for a little over 20 years; a trip to my Grandma's house in Pismo Beach. If you remember my last blog I talked about how my Grandma passed away this year on July 20th. This was the first Holiday weekend we have been up there that she hasn't and to say it was difficult would be an understatement. Luckily, we brought my best friend Sue and her daughter Izabella with us and they really helped "lighten the load".

It was the first time either of them had been to the area so we decided to start off the Saturday of our trip with one of our favorite places to have lunch, The Apple Farm in San Louis Obispo. If you have never been to The Apple Farm it's an adorable shabby sheik hotel and restaurant nestled a little of Highway 101. The Apple Farm also features an old millhouse that is a replica of one from the turn of the century. When my brother and I were younger you could watch them make apple juice and ice cream here. Unfortunately when we visited this weekend the mill was broken and so was the ice cream maker. None the less we still had a great time sampling (and buying) the apple juice they make. It's 100% apple with no added sugar or preservatives and probably the best apple juice ever. Here's a couple shots from our visit:

Where would you like to go?

Stopping to smell the flowers

Sue and Izabella waiting for lunch

Izabella and Nanny Sue

The Old Millhouse

Behind the millhouse there is a quiet little waterfall and the perfect place for a photo opportunity

Sue and Izabella

Izabella and Me

Watching the waterfall

Sunday we took Izabella to the beach for the first time. What a trip that was!! The water in Pismo is MUCH colder than it is down here in Orange County and felt like ice water. However, she LOVED it and we had a good time running in and out of the waves and playing in the sand. Those pictures are on Sue's camera but hopefully I will have them soon to post in another blog :).

After the beach we headed back to the house to give Izabella a nice warm bath. There is a rather large bath tub at my Grandma's that I have many fond memories of soaking in for hours at a time as a child. Naturally when Izabella saw it she was impressed with it's size and turned to me and in her almost 3 sweet and innocent voice said, "Auntie, you take a baff wiff me?" What was I supposed to do? Say no? What kind of Best Auntie Ever would I be? So, I (kind or reluctantly) said yes and bathing suit and all climbed into the bath tub with her and we had a great time playing, washing and laughing.

Armpits! Armpits! Armpits!

I hope all of you out there had a fun "last weekend of summer" and an all around GREAT summer!