Monday, January 26, 2009

What to Bring to a Craft Show / Fair

The craft show season will be here again before we know it. I always see people asking what they should bring to a craft show. I have searched high a low and came up with a HUGE list(sorted alphabetically) of the most common items mentioned.

Some of these ideas are location specific so feel free to take out what you don't need. I usually go over my list the day before and set everything in one spot by the door. I also have a small box that I have put all my "tools"/small things in so they can be located easily.

Happy selling!

- 2-3 projects to work on during slow periods
- Allergy Medicine
- Baby Wipes / Wet Ones
- Bags for purchases (I reuse grocery shopping bags for mine and have never had a complaint)
- Banner or sign
- Binder clips
- Book/Magazine (for the slow times)
- Bug Spray
- Bungee Cord
- Business Cards/Promos to give away
- Calculator
- Camera (who knows who you may see at your show, plus you can upload them to the craft fair groups in flickr)
- Cash box/Apron with change (Don't forget 1's, 5's and maybe even a few 20' I usually bring $50-$60 total)
- Cell Phone
- Chairs
- Clothesline
- Clothespins
- Cooler with lots of water and easy-to-sneak snacks (some shows don’t provide food or water)
- Credit Card Imprinter
- Deoderant
- Displays (baskets, stationery racks, card spinner, coat rack/purse display)
- Duct tape
- Extension cords
- Extension plugs
- Feminine hygiene products
- Gridwall / hooks / shelves
- Gum/Mints
- Hairbrush and ponytail holders (especially if you are outdoors and it might get windy)
- Hand Sanitizer
- Hangers
- Inventory (Don't forget to bring all of the fantastic items you have made!)
- Jacket/Sweater (if weather may call for it)
- Lighting (if inside)
- Lip balm/ Chapstick
- Lotion
- Mailing list sign-ups (great to offer a raffle prize to entice people to give up their information)
- Makeup for touch-ups
- Mannequins / Dress Form
- Markers
- Mirror (for customers and yourself to use)
- Nail clipper, for loose threads on clothing or in case you break/rip a nail.
- Needle and Thread
- Paper (in case extra signs are needed)
- Paper towels/Napkins
- Pens (I usually bring a couple, I always seem to lose at least one)
- Photo Album (for examples of sold pieces)
- Poles for improvising clothing racks between gridwall
- Price tags or cards (don't forget to make signs/price things before hand, a lot of people are too scared to ask)
- Receipts - the carbon copy type so you can keep one and give one to the customer
- Scissors
- Scotch tape
- Seasonal d├ęcor
- Sign saying you accept credit cards
- Small Toolbox (hammer, screwdriver, nails, screws, wrench)
- Small trash can (or something to keep trash in)
- Someone to help you (you never know how busy/slow you will be. They can help you keep an eye on customers and pass the time)
- Stapler
- Sticky lint roller
- String
- Sunglasses
- Sunscreen
- Supplies and tools for custom orders/resizing items
- Tablecloths
- Tables
- Tax information / Business license
- Tent / Tent Walls / Stakes / Hammer / Weights for the legs (if outdoors)
- Tissue or newspaper to wrap your items in if they are fragile
- Tissues
- Tylenol/Advil/Ibuprofen

Also, if you need to set up for an account to process credit cards click this link. It will take you to Propay (which seems to be the most widely used service) and there is a discount!

Special thanks to,,, for helping me with this list.

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  1. Thanks so much for the helpful tips. My first show is at 9am and I am still up going over details. Thanks for the list, I meant to comment a while back. Candi