Friday, September 25, 2009

Ode To The Weird

There are some creative people on Etsy, there's no denying it. But what about the creative people with a sense of humor? These people are probably some of my favorites! I've been perusing Etsy for the past few days trying to find the Best of the Best and these are some of the items that make me laugh so hard I think my sides might split open.

Doody Pops believe it or not, these are actually TREATS for your dog!
They are made with fresh meat and other simple ingredients that dogs go nuts for.

A Breath Of French Air creates these mervelous soaps...that's right, these teeth are actually made of SOAP! Even though they are peppermint "flavored" don't eat try eating a delicious treat with them unless you want a mouth full of bubbles!

These parking notes from Wry and Ginger are absolutely hilarious and were a big hit with my friends when included with their gifts this year. They are PERFECT to leave on the widshield of the driver that decides they are important enough to take two parking spots.

There's a ton more great stuff on Etsy so head on over there and take a look...go on, what are you waiting for?!

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