Monday, December 28, 2009

A Hoodie For Izabella

A couple years ago I made a popsicle hoodie for Izabella.

Being that she was just over 1 at the time, she has since grown out of it. So this holiday season I decided to make her a new one...with owls! It came out super cute and here's how to make one for the little one in your life if you are interested. These can be made for adults too!

+ 1 hoodie (I try to get it at least 1 size too big so it lasts longer)
+ 3/4 yard of fabric (1yd for adults)
+ Thread (matching or contrasting and as many colors as you like)
+ Sharpie or Chalk
+ Iron set on cotton
+ Scissors
+ Cookie Cutters (or something to trace in desired shape)
**Please note that this is shown with a size 4-6 hoodie.
***Click on the pictures for a bigger version

1. Fold your hoodie in half length wise and lay your fabric out flat. Lay hoodie on top of fabric. Trace around just the hoodie with about 1 inch extra fabric for seam. (I used a Sharpie so you can see my lines, but you can use whatever works for you). I also try to place the hoodie at least 2 inches from the cut edge.

2. Cut along the line you have created and follow all the way to end of the fabric. Stitch the top and backside of the hoodie leaving the front open.

3. Open the hood sewn hood and press all edges in approx. 1/2 an inch.

4. If there is a draw string in your hoodie, remove it at this time.

5. Line up center seam of created hood and hoodie's hood. Make sure the backside of your fabric is facing the hoodie so your fabric shows. Pin the created hood in place.

6. When you get to the flat/bottom of the hoodie you can either fold the extra fabric up or trim it so there is just a little folded under. Pin this as well (Sorry! I forgot to take a picture of this part)

7. Sew along the entire edge of the hoodie and the bottom. You will want to sew pretty close to the edge. You can do either a decorative stitch with 2 different thread colors, or a straight stitch with 1 color...the choice is yours!

8. With the remaining fabric you will need to cut out "patches". I'm not very good at free-handing these types of things so I use cookie cutters or simple shapes I find online. You will need to cut out 4 shapes for a kid's hoodie and 6 for an adult's. I try to line my shapes up so the patch is a little different and features the fabric well...I also make the one for the front of the hoodie a little different from the rest.

9. Pin 3 of the patches to the back of the hoodie. I like to stagger them and turn them in different directions.

10. Pin 1 patch on the front of the hoodie. I like to do the left side, right where the heart would be.

11. Last, sew around the edge of each patch. You can do the same color stitch and color combo as before or completely switch it up! For this one I chose the same color combo, but since I'm working with flannel I decided to go with a zigzag stitch to protect the edges from fraying as much.

12. Clip all of your extra threads at this time. You can also try to thread the hood's string back in at this time (it depends on how precise you were sewing your fabric into the hood)

13. You're done! I haven't given Izabella her hoodie yet but when I do, I'll be sure to post some adorable pictures of her wearing it for you guys to see.

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