Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ch Ch Ch Changes and Tiiiiiiiiiiiiii i i ime is not on my side

Do you ever get a feeling like something is going to change in your life soon but you aren't sure what it is, but you know something is coming? I have this feeling right now and I have no idea what it is.

I feel like redecorating my room. Painting the walls a light green, new pictures of poppies, taking the flower border down, new curtains for my closet, a new dresser (since I haven't had one since Jr. High)...basically everything but the comforter because I just bought it last fall.

Maybe it's because I need more room for all of the sewing I'm doing. I have recently outgrown the limited space available in my bedroom and took over our family room. That didn't go over so well and after 3ish weeks I just got all of that cleaned up the other day. Now it's taking over my entire room. I need to clean out, clean up and reorganize. There's no other way to do it! I HAVE to make the time.

Ahhhh yes, time. Next to money you are my worst enemy. I currently need more of you in the day/week. I am having a really hard time balancing work, friends and crafting. There is just so much that needs to be done every day. Maybe when the craft shows and derby's slow down things will get better. I hope so!

Bike basket liners are really starting to take off! Probably because it's summer, but I'm getting a ton of requests for them and it's really fun!

Time for work!

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  1. change is a good thing, no?! I fear change usually, but i'm starting to really embrace it, but that thought of not quite knowing whats around the corner is damn scary sometimes!

    I'm liking the sound of light green and poppis. GO FOR IT!

    I get the lack of time thing too! some days i seem to run out of all my time but it never seems like i've got much done! lol! i'll try harder 2moro!

    GL with basket liners. They look really cool. I think they're erfect for this summer. there's an old romantic english thing happening this summer. floaty dresses, floral, it's all happeneing!