Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Father's Day, The Support of Other People...and more!

Since I'm really into making people's gifts lately I decided to make a BBQ plate for my Dad to carry all the stuff he BBQ's into the house. I got it at Color Me Mine and it took me 3 hours to complete! He says he really really liked it but it's too heavy for him to carry into the house with food on it. I told him to suck it up :). My step-brother Ken got him at change jar that counts the change for you as you put it in. I'm totally jealous and need to go to Linen's and Things and get my own!

People have really been liking the basket liner's I've made lately...probably because it's summer time :). Tammy of Ivonnardona's Creations featured them in her blog, check it out here. Evidently you can also find them when searching for Bike Basket Liner's on Google and I have had some people contact me because of that. I just finished making the one on the right the other day. Annie Rexic sent me some of her fabric and I made a custom liner for her and got to meet her at Warped Tour in Pomona this past Friday. She's great and a real sweet heart!

Other than that I'm just getting ready for the Derby Dolls Tournament this weekend. I'm super excited and have quite a bit left to do...I can't wait!


  1. it was worth the 3 hours,it's so cool. men and there bbqs! my man thinks he's a bit of a jamie oliver when it comes to bbqs, if he only he was more like it in the winter too! lol

    the basket liners I like, good summery fabric!