Sunday, June 8, 2008

Today's Bike Ride

Today's bike ride with Annel, Marie and Michelle was great! We started out at a near by friend's house and rode down to the Huntington Beach Pier area for lunch. The place we ate at was a bust! Our waitress sucked and it took about 2 hours!

Anyhow, we made our way down the the bike/walk path that is near the sand and headed left (South) to an unknown destination. It was the perfect day for a ride! The sun was shining, and there was a nice breeze. As we made our way down PCH we came up on Balboa Island and decided to go see if there was anything going on. We soon found that bike riding was not a good idea in this area and stopped to regroup and figure out were we wanted to go.

Some one suggested the always popular cupcake place Sprinkles that is located near Fashion Island. A quick look on mapquest to see how far away it was and we were on our way (gotta love phones with the internet!). We soon came up on the biggest hill of the day and it was a big one! Michelle made it all the way up, Marie and Annel made it about 3/4's of the way and I made it about 1/2. Walking can be a good thing :). We took a quick break and were on our way again. We could see the tall buildings near our destination and this was the motivation we really needed to make it all the way.

Sooner than we could have imagined we were at Sprinkles. I've never been there before. The like was amazingly HUGE and down the sidewalk. While Michelle and Annel waited for their cupcakes Maire and I got a table and gelato from a near by store. It was GREAT and the perfect afternoon treat. After everyone's sugar tooth was satisfied we went back to our bikes to start our journey back. When we got to the bikes Annel noticed that her front tire was flat! A thorn in her tire was the evil doer! Since there were no bike shops near by we decided to walk to a near by gas station and see if they could help us. The closest one had fix a flat and we were set to head back to a bike shop we had seen a few miles back.

On or way to the bike shop we got to go down the big hill we went up earlier and it was soooooo much fun to feel the wind zipping past us!

When we got to the bike shop we were greeted by one of the most energetic people I have ever met in my life! He was pretty much nuts and gave all of us tune ups on our bikes and rambled about everything and nothing. While someone that works for him fixed Annel's tire I noticed that there was a REALLY old rusted bike in the front of the shop. It was soooo cool and I got some great pictures! The shop owner said he had pulled it out of a river but who knows.

After Annel's tire was fixed we started on the road again and only had a few miles left to go.

We made it back to our starting point about an hour later and were all happy to be done riding. All in all we rode some where between 25-27 miles. It's the longest bike ride I have ever gone one and I think Marie and Annel are in the same boat. It will be interesting to see how our bodies feel tomorrow!

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