Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How I Spent My 4 Day Vacation Part 1 - Butterfly Grove in Pismo Beach

Every year from November - February the monarchs migrate and make the Pismo Beach Butterfly Grove a stopping point. We have visited at times were tree branches were almost falling off the trees from the weight of all the monarchs! My Mom, Sue, Izabella, and myself decided to make the trip this weekend to check it out. Unfortunately, due to weather, most of the butterflies have moved on from area already and there weren't too many left. We did learn that the best time to go is in Dec. and are already planning our trip!

Pismo Beach is known for their clams. All around the city there are GIANT clams that are painted/decorated by local artists for each major holiday/event in the area.



 Flooding from the rain that made it difficult to see the monarchs that were still there.

 (can you see it?)

(Oh look! There's TWO!)

(If you click on this one you can tell it's a monarch)

There is a trail you can follow out to the ocean. Near the end of the trail there were a bunch of really cool trees so we stopped for a little photo shoot and to play in the water.



The water was SO cold!

Popping seaweed pods

Izabella used my "big girl camera" to take her first "big girl camera" picture 

Later in the day we drove an hour north, to the San Simeon area, to check out the Elephant Seals and I'll be posting more on that later this week.

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