Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don't Just Eat Them!

Having a 3 year old living in with me has brought out a very silly, crazy, and creative side I haven't seen in myself for a while. I have found myself trying to think of ways for her to express and nurture her creativity...not that she needs much help.

Here's the first one...I will be posting more of our projects as they manifest.

The other day my Mom came home with Girl Scout Cookies. Something I love (so yummy!!) and truly are a part of who I am (I sold about 350 boxes every year for about 11 years). As my Mom was flattening the boxes to throw them away I found myself getting an idea and yelling, "Don't throw those away yet!" She looked at me with a "What the heck" expression and very hesitantly asked, "Why?" to which I stated very matter-of-factly, like there was nothing bizarre about what I was about to say, "I'm going to turn them into shoes for Izabella." Once again I get the "What the heck" look to which I replied, "Trust me. It'll be rad and she'll love it!"

As the night went on I kept thinking about how I was going to do this. The first idea was to cut a hole the size of her shoe and then put string across it like a strap to keep them on. I didn't like that idea, so I thought about just cutting a slit the width of her shoe. That didn't work because she couldn't get her foot all the way in. So I cut the back part of the slit into something that looked like a capitol D and it worked!

Make sure you take the cookies out and tape the opening of the box closed before cutting!

To get the shaped I basically cut around the back half of her shoe leaving a little extra room. They fit perfect and she was off! Laughing the entire time!

They were a little difficult to walk in and definitely slippery on the tile floor, but she got the hang of it pretty quickly. We are taking her ice skating for the first time on Saturday and told her it would be slippery like her cookie shoes. She's been wearing them around the house working on her skills and telling us she's "Practicing her ice skates."


  1. Your mind works in very strange, but very creative, ways, my dear!!!!!!

  2. GENIUS! Do they come in a kitten heel??

  3. Thanks everyone!

    Elsie - I'll drop your kitten heel version off tonight ;)