Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Monsters for Friends

While flipping through the JoAnn's mailer that came in a few weeks I ago I spotted ADORABLE monsters made out of fleece. I asked Izabella if we should make them, of course she said yes. We decided we would also make one for our friend, Hannah, and my Niece, Abigail, so we headed to the store. We weren't able to find the pattern at the store so I decided to do draw them.

Izabella picked out the fabric (Popsicle for her friends and princess for hers), face parts and what each monster would look like. She also helped me stuff each of the monsters with "snow".

 Monsters in a Tree

Monsters in a bush

 Hannah with her monster

Abigail with her monster

Izabella with all the monsters (her's is in the front)


  1. These are adorable, Kayte! You're so incredily talented to draw your own and skip the pattern!! Thanks for ya!