Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Little Delayed

With all of the other fun things going on I've kind of become behind on posts. I meant to post this one a few weeks ago (when I took the pictures) but never did. So here goes...

I knew that when our seeds started to grow in their egg crates, Izabella and I would need to put them in something else before the ground. While eating my breakfast the idea hit me...Yoplait yogurt cups! They were just the right size and since I eat yogurt for breakfast every morning they would be pretty easy to get a hold of. So, I starting saving them, and saving them, and saving them...until I had about 20. I was even eating the desert flavored one's at night (not that I really mind with light flavors like Key Lime Pie and Red Velvet Cake). I also thought I would turn them in to an art project for Izabella and have her paint/decorate them.

After Izabella painted them, I poked 3 holes into the bottom of each for draining.

The reason we used newspaper under our paint area :)

After they were dry we filled them with dirt

 We used dirt from our backyard and found some fun bugs along the way

 We also put sticky backed felt stars on each one. On the stars I put the first letter of each veggie so we would know which was which.

Since this picture our plants have become HUGE and we will be transplanting them into the ground tomorrow. I will post about that soon...

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