Friday, January 1, 2010

A Great Find

While driving around during the holidays I found a sign for a home boutique and decided to stop by and see what they had. I was really hoping to find some new crafty people to be friends with but instead found a house full of new/vintage pieces that a group of ladies had put together.

As I was walking around I saw a beautiful green glass cake plate sitting on a table. It immediately caught my eye and I made a beeline to it. Not knowing too much about vintage/antique glass I called my boyfriend's Mom (who does) and asked if she knew/could find anything (all the owner could tell me was that it's Indiana Glass). After spending some time with her on the phone we still couldn't really find anything; but that didn't matter. I was already in love. So, even though I was looking for gifts to give, I decided that this would be my gift to myself (everybody does that...right?).

I love all the little details and how dainty the plate is. It truly feels like something unique and I can't wait to make a cake to use it with!

View from the top

Close up of the details

The bottom

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