Sunday, January 10, 2010


Everyone posts their resolutions this time of year. While I know what my resolutions/goals for 2010 are it took me a bit to be ready to post them on the internet for the whole world to have access to. I have a problem with making long term goals and feeling let down if I don't keep them. So by posting them here it makes me feel like I have to keep them or I will be letting someone down besides myself...which a lot of "people" say is a good thing to do. I've decided to try it and see what happens. So, here they are (in no particular order):

1. Continue being the best me I can be (this is something I started in 2009 and plan to continue).
     a. This year this will include losing weight. I want/need to lost about 60lbs. About a 2 years I joined and lost close to 20lbs on their program with diet and exercise. Then, I met a guy, fell off track and gained it all back. Well, I know I can do it and I plan to complete my goal this time! I have bought "The Spark" and a few "light cookbooks" and already started reading/using them. If you are looking to get healthy, I fully recommend SparkPeople and the great program they have set up.
    b. Exercise 3 times a week (rather it's walking, swimming, pilaties class, or a full workout at the gym I need to get this butt moving)
   c. One soda a day. I NEVER drink "whole"soda, only diet. However, I know that still isn't good for me but it's the only way I get caffine so I'm thinking 1 day isn't really going to be all that bad. I might just drop it all together. We'll see what happens.

2. Be more open to new people, ideas and things.
   a. I have found that as I get older I get more close minded and quicker to judge to others. For me, this is part of the American society...where if it isn't "inside our norm" we automatically reject it.

3. Cook more/better
   a. Cooking is something I truly enjoy...especially cooking for the people that are close to me. I want to start having Sunday night dinner at my house with friends and loved, then I can share the things I make with you my, dear reader :). Which also keeps me blogging, which is #4 on this list.

4. Blog more
   a. Life is exciting and needs to be shared, whether it's with people you know, or have never met.

So that's it. That's my list. Now let's see what happens!

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  1. Amen to #1! That's top on my list too. Do you have a gym membership anywhere? I'm looking for an LA Fitness buddy to take yoga classes with. I also just bought some hiking shoes and an annual parking pass to all the OC Regional Parks. Let me know if you ever wanna take a hike, I'm all about making exercise fun by doing it with people I like! I'll have to check out the spark thing, I've never heard of it. Good luck! You can do it! We both can!