Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh Baxter, My Baxter

Meet Baxter; the 4th dog my family has had during my life time. We got him from the OC Animal Shelter in June 2006. He's a Pitbull/Beagle mix and the funniest dog we've ever had.

When it comes to toys, Baxter's favorite is a rope toy by far. He likes to pounce on it like he's a cat. He has "upstairs toys" and "downstairs toys" and he decides which goes where. If he's downstairs and done playing with a toy, he will take it upstairs and bring a new one down to play with. He also loves taking naps in front of our living room space heater trying to get warm.

However, Baxter's arch nemesis is loud noises. Firetrucks...fireworks..rain storms...he hates them all. He hates them so much he tries to get out of our backyard. As many of you know we had some CRAZY rainstorms in So. Cal. this week. Tuesday was the worst with tornado warnings and flooding. When we got home from work that night we found out exactly just how much Baxter hates rain storms. This lovely hole leads to our neighbor's backyard and while it isn't big enough for him to get through, it sure is lovely pretty amazing.

We will be getting the fence fixed this weekend. In the mean Baxter will continue hate the rain that's beating down on So. Cal. (as I type) keeping him from smelling the sidewalk.

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  1. Baxter IS the cutest dog ever!!! I'm beyond amazed that he chewed this big a hole in the fence. Poor baby musta been scared crapless. You really should come home and snuggled him when it storms! Keep blogging...I love reading your thoughts and ideas.